Sure, any small business owner or entrepreneur can write something about themselves and stick it on a drag-and-drop website. And even though brand development, design & copywriting is not their thing, they can make it look quite... nice. 
Well, the fact that you're here suggests that you don't want to settle for "meh".
You need excellence, and you deserve it, my friend.

Do you                need The Story Shed in your life?


I bring expertise in writing, SEO, web design and market-facing storytelling. Because I've been where you are - and I've got your back. 

I come into the picture when:

You've started your own business and want a brand story and website that oozes your magic.

You don't have the time or energy to stress about gaining online interest... but you know you need it. 

You're not vibing what you currently have (an old or DIY website) and need something with substance. 

You've outgrown your brand and website (yay you!) and you're in need of a serious refresher. 

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Storify Your Business

Storify Your Business

Storify Your Business

You made me feel my project was a priority for you. You were always available and passionate. I have a beautiful website and so enjoyed crafting it with you.

- Katie 

 Turn on the kettle, I'd love to hear your story. Let's use it to grow your business!

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